Ba action team is equal to lose the Cheap MBT Shoes season

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Ba action team is equal to lose the season Lose the game another major influence is, to some extent, Ba action team is equal to lose the season. In Cheap MBT Shoes the current through the league to realize the target has been a few cannot crown, fa cup action is Ba team last hope, but unfortunately this hope such by sonny easily destroyed!!!!! We can accept failure, but will not accept the failure of the fog, so for the Ba action for the club, should now is the time to ask, why this season will be like this. Last season by high-profile act, team on the influence of the heavy baggage, from the start of this season Ba action to a club is very low-key, even with the media questions, they never formally announced team goal of the season, but inside, all clear and crown is imperative task, otherwise can response of the fans in shaanxi province, the more I sorry the boss salary. However, it is clear that the team in the operation of appeared before a big problem and is regarded as the gods of the families, but in gaza after class, and the league with him and foreign aid aulas weitz. If the families of gaza is due entirely to the class does underachievement, everybody can understand, but to hakeem weitz was gone, so far we all can not understand. So so all let a person see the don understand that the practice of action in internal relationship Ba club is not very smooth, in this context, the action Ba team to stage a come back next season, now a top priority is rational relations, or a coach, buy a few powerful aid, not solve any problem. Still be so stubborn. Voice sonny This thought lost the game after, sonny will were filled with been, for the team play in the game, but thought that he criticized in his post-match speech is not to itch, pain and even said Ba action team played well, this attitude and this kind of rhetoric, it made no sense. Sonny first say: "congratulations on club tianjin teda MBT take the game. In the first half of the lost the ball before the first time, our team in the whole techniques and tactics do is better still, also create chances, but didn catch it. Including the second goal after, we create the opportunity, still but not to grasp the opportunity." Finally sonny was very generous enough to tianjin TaiDaDui said: "everyone know congratulations, TianJinDui is a very experienced team, they are will use me To our surprise fashion is mbt shoes After a few years after repeated is innovation, and finally MBT Shoes to the public aesthetic in again. Yes, it is each season to promote our "bombarded disorderly Fried" driving force.

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